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The Nottingham chair for sit/stand office work

Nottingham sit-stand seating

by Dr. E.N. Corlett


Powerpoint slides: Nottingham sit-stand chair by E.N. Corlett, Phd   |   Flash Slides

Nottingham seat research

Seat features   |   Preventing back injuries   |   Key points (pdf)

Osmond sells the Checkmate in the UK.

"For years I have had painful legs after work, but not since I have been using the chair. Why couldn't I have had it years ago?"
A senior secretary

"After I injured my back, for some time I could only stand or lie down. But the chair gave me another choice, I could sit without discomfort!"
Senior Scientist

A sewing machinist in a textile factory was given the opportunity to use the chair. When asked her opinion of it her one-word reply was, "Brilliant"!

A secretary to a research institute had been using the chair for some two years. When they were moving the Institute to a new building she said, "If you take away my chair, I'm leaving."

More sitting postures & ergonomic seating

Seat height revisited From Corlett & Eklund (1984) How does a backrest work
From Corlett & Eklund (1984)
How does a backrest work?
Graphic used with permission.


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